Richmond Lawn Care Service

Year-Round Lawn Maintenance: A Holistic Approach


Discover the secrets to year-round lawn perfection with Basil Green’s comprehensive lawn care services. We go beyond the basics, ensuring your Richmond lawn is consistently lush and vibrant throughout every season. From grass cutting to hedge trimming, our services cover it all to make your outdoor space a reflection of beauty and health.

Aeration and Overseeding for Resilience:

At Basil Green, our year-round lawn care services include aeration and overseeding for resilient, healthy turf. Our experts ensure that your Richmond lawn is not just maintained but continually strengthened, promoting optimal grass density and water penetration.

Soil Testing and Nutrient Optimization:

Optimize your Richmond lawn’s health with Basil Green’s holistic approach, including soil testing and nutrient optimization. Our tailored lawn care services guarantee your lawn receives precisely what it needs for optimal growth, ensuring it remains a vibrant showcase of natural beauty.

Pest Control Strategies:

Richmond’s diverse climate demands specialized care. Our year-round lawn care services offer targeted pest control strategies, addressing common issues throughout the seasons. From grubs to lawn diseases, we keep your Richmond lawn pest-free and flourishing.

Customized Lawn Care Packages:

Tailor your lawn care experience with Basil Green’s customized packages. Choose the right combination of treatments for your Richmond lawn’s specific needs, from weed control to specialized services. Our customized packages ensure a personalized approach to your lawn’s well-being.



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